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This small book is about unlocking manacles without the use of the original key. It was originally intended to update the “Swift Action System” book written by David De-Val. New drawings and photographs were prepared, and David wanted some changes made to the content. The project was abandoned with David’s untimely death.  David said that any lock opened without using the original key could be considered well and truly picked. A quick look at the back of “Handcuff Secrets” by Harry Houdini (1909) and it becomes clear that the use of duplicate keys is certainly one way to open handcuffs. Other devices can also be used, including spring steel (a “shim”;), or wire or other material to “pick” the lock. The professional escape artist would probably take the view that the easiest and quickest method is the best. Others take delight in opening locks using the most obscure means. It must be remembered, of course, that for the professional, the method must be fast and certain—also the special tool must be easy to conceal.  Not all cuffs are basic, of course, and the escape artist must have the means to open cuffs offering higher security. This may mean that the keyhole is far from the fingers — an age old problem!  It is hoped that this small book may encourage those with a genuine interest to buy a few keys, a few hand tools, some handcuffs and then . . . practice!!!

A Key By Any Other Name by Riley - Available on Amazon

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