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United Kingdom Escape Artists

Welcome to the home of the U.K.E.A

We are the only recognised group in the UK for escapologists and have been running since 2003. We have a wide range of members, from those that are very academic, focusing on the history of the art itself, through novice / semi-professional performers who are keeping the art form alive.

We currently have two meetings per year full of lectures, demos, and the chance to compete for the Mick Hanzlik award and the David De-Val award. To join, we do require each applicant to demonstrate that they are currently part of a recognised magic association, a full-time or retired performer, an author, someone who has an academic interest in the art, or someone who has been recommended by a current member.


If you are interested then please contact us at for more info or click on the Join us tab for an application form.. We look forward to hearing from you.


Members are available for bookings and consultancy. Please get in touch with any questions you may have.

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