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7th Key Padlock

7th Key Padlock

A solid brass, genuine "Squire" Old English Padlock. Six keys are given out for the spectators to try in the lock, none of them open it! A Seventh key is introduced and shown to be the ONLY ONE that will open the lock. A borrowed ring it is then locked onto the padlock and all seven keys are then mixed together... Six of the keys are removed leaving only one for the owner of the ring... Surprise! Yes, it is the one that opens the lock!!! The ring is removed and the lock can left with the spectators and be minutely examined, the other keys definitely will not open it! No forcing or switching of keys... 

This is a piece of master craftsmanship. This padlock can be examined to their hearts content and they will never discover the secret. Probably the finest padlock of its type ever produced. It can of course be used in many routines and presentations. “Riley” a close friend of David assisted in making these from 200-2002. In January 2004 this sold for £58 / $117

A further very rare custom type was also made of the 7th key which had a brass shackle rather than the normal steel one. You can see this in the following pics below.

But then, so far as I know, I am the only performer who ever pledged his assistants to secrecy, honor and allegiance under a notarial oath.

Harry Houdini

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