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Restoration Work by Andy Roberston

This is a behind the scenes of the work and restoration of items featured on the site. To ensure what goes online looks its best can often require it to be either repaired or time taken to restore it to its original state.

A Dupe Padlock Restoration

A new finds let us see that David also made the Dupe lock in the 440 Steel Squire series. Shown below was one of two locks that were well used and had been customized for use in escapes. Most evident was that they had been painted, So the paint was removed and the padlock was polished before it was photographed for being used on the site. Left was the one which was the general condition of both before work was under taken. A sample of paint remover was tried first on the left to ensure it was ok to use. The one on the right is the finished and restored padlock. The paint application had protected them well and avoided damage over time.

Master Padlock Restoration

Here is one of David's Master 550 Padlocks. Over time the brass will tarnish badly. The entire casing here pictured was needing to be fully cleaned. I thought it was past its best but with some time it was soon back to its best.

Detail Enhancement

Here is a photo that needed to have the detail made more clear to allow better facial detail and tone, as well as adjusting the brightness.

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.

Joseph Dunninger

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