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Career Items

 Supreme Magic were one the stockists of some of the finest pieces of escapology equipment- Special Handcuffs, padlocks, chains and manacles, leather straps releases, straitjackets books and videos. Most items they sold were used with tremendous success by professional escapologists including David.

Here are some of the escapology equipment related to David’s Career that he made as well as used. Some of the older descriptions and prices are featured from their actual adverts at the time, as well as recent information. Supreme Magic were the sellers of David’s items at one point. As well as David selling his own items through his own catalogue.

Escapology has one thing going for it that probably made Harry Houdini such a superstar in his day and a legend in the present. Everyone wants to escape from something. Taxes, contracts, illness, work, the multitude of burdens that we chafe under are shadows from which we want to escape.

James Randi

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