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David De-Val Award

David De-Val was a master escape artist and magician from the UK, over his career he escaped from handcuffs and other restraints, as well as performing many spectacular escapes, many of which were from prison cells. 
The De-Val award is awarded for the best Escape / public demonstration or promotion of Escapology by an Escape Artist / performer in the twelve months between the AGM meetings.


Winner 2024

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin has been called “the closest thing we can boast to a real life superhero”, and “the worlds greatest theatrical stunt performer”. Jonathan has been hanged, buried alive, locked in a box while covered in 200,000 bees, attacked by sharks, bitten by rattlesnakes and hung from his toes from helicopters. Jonathan has performed on every continent except Antarctica and in every US State except Alaska. Goodwin has played Broadway, London’s West End, Sydney Opera House and Radio City Music Hall.

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Winner 2023

Andrew Basso

After 10 years as the star of the blockbuster world tour magic show "THE ILLUSIONISTS'", Andrew Basso launches his new One-Man-Show "Believe in the Impossible" exclusively in Italy.
Acclaimed as the true successor of Harry Houdini and the rockstar of magic, Andrew will bring a spectacular 90-minute show to the Teatro Sociale in Trento during which he will present his best repertoire of magic and dangerous, breathtaking escapes.

During 90 fast-paced minutes, spectators will take part in exhilarating moments including incredible sleight of hand demonstrations with a deck of cards projected on the big screen, even more incredible close-up effects of magic, and adrenaline-pumping moments in which Andrew will risk his own life.

"I will be presenting some of my best magic acts that I have performed on the world's biggest stages, while also interacting directly with the audience," Basso says.

"But a lot of the show will have never-before-seen acts. I returned to Italy with this new show because I want to take the breath away of anyone who will come to see it."

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Winner 2022

Chris Gower

The godfather of Handcuffs  -  what else can we say. Chris is a legend !


Winner 2021

Jake Bullet

Jake bullet has been a collector of all things restraint for a little over 40 years. He has amassed one of if not the biggest collections in the world of such items. Jake is always keen to show off his collection and regularly hosts guests at Doncaster restraint museum. He and his wife Clare have a Google claim to fame, type in “prison van prom” and watch them both take their friend’s kids to a prom and you’ll be adding to the 5.5m views so far. Jake’s no stranger to stunts and has worked with the UKEA on a number of projects to help raise ours and his museums online awareness . You’ll always find him fun on our nights out as he works his way through handcuffing everyone in the building!

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aaron 2021.jpg

Winner 2020

Allan James Taylor

Chairman of the UKEA 

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Winner 2019

Chris Gower

The godfather of Handcuffs  -  what else can we say. Chris is a legend !


Winner 2018

Andy Robertson

Prison breaking Scottish Escapologist.

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