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Mick Hanzlik Award

Mick Hanzlik was a master locksmith, escapologist and expert on all things Houdini. Mick was a member of the U.K.E.A and is sadly missed by the members. We created this award to Honour Mick and his involvement with the group and the art form.  Any member can perform an escape on the day of our AGM and the other members will vote for the best escape of the day.


Winner 2023

Andy Storm

Andy has always had a fondness for both magic and stage production so it was only natural that he should follow the path into stage illusions. In 2008 Andy started his journey working on UK holiday parks where his natural talent was noticed and within his first year, was promoted to Entertainment Manager.

In 2016 Andy left the holiday parks and focused his time and effort polishing his stage illusion act and finally, after years in development, the act is ready for your venue.

Whilst developing his illusion and Comedy Magic acts, Andy has been performing in social clubs, holiday parks and care homes with his solo comedy magic act. No two performances are the same as this act easily adapts to suit the audience.

Andy has accomplished many things in his time however he will always say that his proudest moment was in 2018 after he was invited to perform his illusions as the headline act at the little theatre in Leicester for the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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Winner 2022

Tom Magick

Tom is the youngest member of the UKEA and loves performing escapes and illusions. All of his stunts are unique and one of a kind.

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hanzlik 2022 tom.jpg

Winner 2021

Miranda Allen

Miranda Allen is an international variety artist, escapologist, actor, and theatre maker. She appeared on season 7 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where Penn Jillette called her escape from a wine barrel “perfect”. She was also nominated for the Sterling Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Lizzie in Pretty Goblins, produced by Workshop West. Miranda has performed in 18 countries, 3 and 1/2 languages, and once, was nearly killed by a kangaroo.


As both a variety artist and theatre maker, much of Miranda’s work explores the marriage of the heroic & fantastic to vulnerability & humanity. For example, her escape from inside a sealed wine barrel filled to the top with red wine explores how extreme risk can be surmounted by trust. Many of her stiltwalking characters are otherworldly beings with incredible abilities who seek compassion from humans to find their way.


As an actor, Miranda’s first love was classical theatre. She holds a BFA in Acting form the University of Windsor and studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School. However, that love has grown to include anything heightened, be that in text, drama, style, physicality, or spectacle. She has expanded her classical roots by studying physical theatre, street performance, magic, clown, and circus. Though much of Miranda’s variety work is uplifting or comedic, in theatre Miranda commonly lives in tragedy. One of her greatest assets is that, though she can be beautiful, she can also take great joy in being ugly and undesirable.


One of Miranda’s greatest delights is travel of any kind.
Outside of that she’ll take a good scotch or a well made coffee.
Also, dogs.

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Winner 2020

Andy Robertson

Prison breaking Scottish Escapologist.

hanzlk 2020 Andy.jpg

Winner 2019

Tim Houlton

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Winner 2018

Andy Robertson

Prison breaking Scottish Escapologist.

hanzlik 2018 Andy.jpg

Winner 2017

Allan and Rebecca Taylor

Allan is the chairman of the United Kingdom Escape Artists and Founder of the Global Escapology Organisation. Rebecca is the daughter of the late David De-Val.  Both are huge fans of Houdini and love all things escape related. 

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Winner 2016

Stuart Burrell

Stuart Burrell is a member of the Magic Circle in London and was one of the original members of the UKEA. He is also a historian and he has been featured on Television in the UK and is a published author.

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