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Kitty Kat Kapers

Kitty the cat is very sad because she has lost her beautiful coloured ribbon, could that naughty little mouse have anything to do with it? The mouse suggests that he has an idea. Why not get all the children to magically help put things to rights. 5 different coloured pretty ribbons are shown on an attractive display board, each with it's own price tag attached. The ribbons are placed one at a time into a smart little bag, the children calling out the colours as this takes place. A child selects one of the ribbons, calling out it's colour, then replacing it in the bag with the other ribbons. Kitty is returned to her house and can be seen through the cat flap and window. She even goes in upside down to talk to the mouse face to face. He asks the magician to wave his wand over the bag then to turn the bag inside out.

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