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Dupe Padlock

Designed and assembled to last a life time was the Old English 440 Brass padlock. Solid two inch brass case and completely rust proof. Has four brass pick proof levers, with an extra forged steel shackle. Including solid brass pins and rivets. The key hole and cover also in brass and accurately cut long wearing forged steel keys. An interesting fact David made a limited number of Dupe padlocks with a specialised internal construction which was different from his normal internal manufacturing set up. “Riley” a close friend of David assisted in making these from 2000 -2002

Also David made Dupe locks using the Squire 440 non brass type which was the same size and dimensions as the brass 550 but this was constructed from steel and had a silver type finish often with a coating on the face. You can see these photos above.

When this lock first was sold it did so for £25/ $50 in January 1995

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