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David was also an author and published many books about his career. During this time he had many of his books Illustrated, designed & edited by his close friend “Riley”. Riley’s contribution to the books as well as David’s is highly recognised and there working partnership was evident in the content of each one they worked on.

Here is a collection of his books published. Click on each one to see a description

Key To Escapes

Name: Key to Escapes

Author: David De-val

Publication Summary:, 17 pgs. 13 Illustrations

Format: Paperback

Media Type: Book

Date 1978 Description: David’s first book for Supreme Magic.

Sensational Escapes revealed for the first time!


02 Contents (w/o page numbers)

02 Foreword by Edwin (Hooper)

03 Off the Cuff

05 De-Val's Ten Pound Challenge

06 The Perfect Combination

08 De-Val's Strait Jacket

11 Challenge

12 Padlock Faking

15 The Challenge Handcuff

16 De-Val's Death Tank aka Barrel / Oil drum escape.

Key To Lock picking

Name: Key To Lock Picking

Author: David De-val

Publication Summary:, 64 Pgs.

Format: Paperback Coil Bounded- Double Security Sealed (Red Circular Sticker) & bagged. Strict selling instructions placed on this item when first advertised.

Media Type: Book

Date 1981

Description: Full of so much information this book is hard to find and harder to put down, covers so much inc Key making, Handcuffs, Tools etc. A must for the escapologist. In 1981 this was printed Inc David’s 25 years worth of research on the subject. Has a special feature on his Dupe Lock, and was exclusively only for magicians. 60 Complex Illustrations and over 30 clear photographs

Originally sold for £11.50 / $ 25 Last update was sold for £70 in 2011 (on Line)

S.A.S Swift Action System

Author: David De-Val

Category: Escapes

Media Type: Book

Date 1987

Manufacturer's Description: In this booklet David explains all the known methods of escape from Handcuffs and Leg Irons in current use throughout the world. Escape from all types of handcuffs just like magic. Even double locking cuffs are covered. All is revealed in this essential must have booklet of Handcuff escapes.

Lock Picking Part 1

Author: David De-Val

Publication Summary: 27 pgs.

Format: Paperback

Media Type: Book

Date: 1987

Description: Here are chapters on opening all types of LOCKS, SAFES, and STRONG ROOMS. Simple Skeleton Keys, Opening Pin-Tumbler Locks, Car Wafer Locks, Raking Locks Open, Picking Locks without the Turning tool, The Lock Master, The Lock Opening Gun. Clear illustrated instructions. Most Locksmiths use only standard picks and methods, but David uses short cuts which have never been used or seen before Some are unorthodox but extremely effective. David takes you stage-by-stage with detailed but clear illustrations through this intriguing subject.

Lock Picking Part 2

Author: David De-Val

Publication Summary: 32 pgs.

Format: Paperback

Media Type: Book

Date 1988

Description: A treasure trove of secret information If you enjoyed PART 1, then you'll be sure to want to add this to your collection. This book starts where other books on this subject finish! Over 50 clear illustrations detail: Impressioning open locks, Easy Impressioning, Opening Cabinet Locks, Electric Opening, Opening snap padlocks, The Wizard, Advanced comb. Lock picking Double sided car cylinder locks

Cell Escape- The Real Secret.

Name: Cell Escape

Author: David De-val

Publication Summary: 75 Pgs.

Format: Paperback

Media Type: Book

Date 2000

Description: Published to coincide with his 62nd birthday with his 40 year research recorded for future escapologists. This is a "Limited Edition" book written by David De-Val in which he discusses his methods for duplicating Houdini's Nude Jail Cell Escapes. Photographs and Stories. If you want to know the real secret this book is a must!

Illustrated, designed & Edited by his close friend at the time “Riley”

The Secrets of Escapology

Author: David De-Val

Publisher: David De-Val Magic Co.

Publication Summary: 61 Pgs.

Media Type: Book

Date 2003

Description: The Book All Escapologists Have Been Waiting For.

The Secrets of Escapology Contains: Whipping Post Escape, Ties and Binds, Escaping from Handcuffs, Master Handcuff Keys, Making Your Own Set, Escaping From Double, Locking cuffs, Shimming Open Handcuffs, Cage Box Escape, The Large Padlock, Thumb cuffs, Off the Cuff, Lightning Padlocked Chain, Release Plus, Wrist-Rope Tie, De-Val’s Strait Jacket, De-Val Gantry, Concealment, De-Val's Dangerous Box Escape, Lock Picking, Publicity - Getting the Most Out of It, Novel Elevator Escape, Neck Chain Challenge and more. With 80 Illustrations and Photographs. Illustrated, designed & Edited by his close friend at the time “Riley”

Other Books By David De-Val

Hypnotic Influence

& The Electric Jumping Chairs

Author: David De-Val


Publication Summary:

Media Type: Book


Description: The first of a new exciting series concerning two top magical routines, written and devised by top professional magician, David De-Val.

The two routines are ideal for any stage show, and can be performed with very little props. The first routine utilises a Thumb Writer which we sell very reasonably. And the famous "Electric Jumping Chairs" can be performed immediately with no items to purchase.

This is a truly priceless book teaching you some of magic's most inner secrets, at the same time teaching you how to present the performances as to get a good crowd reaction.

How-To Hypnotise People

Author: David De-Val


Publication Summary: 34 Pgs

Media Type: Book

Date 2001


Believe it or not, being able to hypnotise people is easier than you think. This is especially the case with this simple and easy-to-follow book. This book takes you step-by-step through the fascinating subject of Hypnosis, which is perfectly suitable for both the total beginner, through to the advanced hypnotist. Illustrated, by his close friend at the time “Riley”

Professional Routines number 2

Burnt & Restored Treasury Note to Muffin

Author: David De-Val

Easy Thumb Tie

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UPDATE: Rare vault escape and full Collecting Now TV show appearance added

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New updated video clip of the great Revolution roller coaster escape!

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1st June 2015

FULL TV clip of David Roller Coster escape comming this weekend.

inc the actual live challange to do it on TV from the BBC Show,

30th March 2015

News and Magazine articles about Rippon & York cell escapes

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Update to Davids book about the Charles Smith Lock.

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