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Career Items

Supreme Magic was the stockists of some of the finest pieces of escapology equipment- Special Handcuffs, padlocks, chains and manacles, leather straps releases, strait jackets books and videos. Most items they sold were used with tremendous success by to professional escapologists including David.

Here is some of the related escapology equipment related to David’s Career that he made as well as used. Some of the older descriptions and prices are featured from their actual adverts at the time, as well as recent information. Supreme Magic were the sellers of David’s items at one point. As well as David selling his own items through his own catalogue.


Master Padlock

Old English 440 Brass padlock. Solid two inch brass case and completely rust proof. Has four brass pick proof levers, with an extra forged steel shackle. Including solid brass pins and rivets. The key hole and cover also in brass, and accurately cut long wearing forged steel keys. “Riley” a close friend of David assisted in making these from 2000 -2002

When this lock first was sold it did so for £29/ $58 in January 1995


Dupe Padlock

Designed and assembled to last a life time Old English 440 Brass padlock. Solid two inch brass case and completely rust proof. Has four brass pick proof levers, with an extra forged steel shackle. Including solid brass pins and rivets. The key hole and cover also in brass and accurately cut long wearing forged steel keys. An interesting fact David made a limited number of Dupe padlocks with a specialised internal construction which was different from his normal internal manufacturing set up. “Riley” a close friend of David assisted in making these from 2000 -2002

When this lock first was sold it did so for £25/ $50 in January 1995


Ingenious Padlock

Is just like a normal padlock, comes with two keys, only you can open it, handing it to a spectator they are unable to open the lock even with the key that you used! Another wonderful item. When this lock first was sold it did so for £5 / $10 in January 1995


Houdini Trick Snap Padlock

This padlocked was locked then covered with a cloth or such like then removed to reveal the padlock open!


7th Key Padlock

A solid brass, genuine "Squire" Old English Padlock. Six keys are given out for the spectators to try in the lock, none of them open it! A Seventh key is introduced and shown to be the ONLY ONE that will open the lock. A borrowed ring it is then locked onto the padlock and all seven keys are then mixed together... Six of the keys are removed leaving only one for the owner of the ring... Surprise! Yes, it is the one that opens the lock!!! The ring is removed and the lock can left with the spectators and be minutely examined, the other keys definitely will not open it! No forcing or switching of keys... This is a piece of master craftsmanship. This padlock can be examined to their hearts content and they will never discover the secret. Probably the finest padlock of its type ever produced. It can of course be used in many routines and presentations. “Riley” a close friend of David assisted in making these from 200-2002. In January 2004 this sold for £58 / $117


Thanks to Shawn Ness for his photo below of his David De-val Neck Collar

 Slave neck collar

This was based on the Master Padlock, with the main clasp shackle being large enough to go round the neck, it again secured as normal. This was another high quality item. The visual appearance of this was very strong it clearly gave the impression of it being a robust and high quality restraint. VERY rare these now as unavailable for many years. If you get the chance to see this it is truly a wonderful item.


Combination Lock


Guang Zhou (Quick Release Escape Lock)

The wonderful escape magic of the great Houdini is made easy with this amazing Chinese style tricked padlock. Designed for the working professional and now available for the performer who needs a reliable and speedy release padlock. The Guang Zhou escape padlock has been cleverly faked to open just as easily without the key as with one. Sold as a set of two padlocks.


Prison Laundry Bag

David’s Laundry/ Mail Bag escape was again an item he made himself. Normally stamped with the words “Laundry” or on special request “Prison Laundry “.These also had a special Curtain type cover (I know they came in the colours Blue / Red) and that would go over the top of the bag during the escape. Held by spectators Made of strong durable canvas this was a high quality made escape item. There was along the top rings for padlocks to be attached securing the bag shut tight. Escaping from this itsself was an amazing act let alone doing it hand cuffed along with other restraints on. Another rare item now sought after by many last recorded sale listing of such an item was April 2012 for approx £100 on line.


New Lock Pick Set

David’s Lock picks are very unique. Many locksmiths use only standard picks and methods, but David used “Short cuts” most have never been used or seen before. Some being out with the normal way to open a lock with tools but he gets the results.

These 13 picks and case were special produced for Supreme magic to sell. The amazing thing is each pick is individually made, supervised and checked by David himself! These special pick have never been on offer before when they first came out not even to locksmiths. No instructions with these as there use was described in his book “The Key to Lock Picking” When first out this sold for £75 / $150 A very rare item. David also sold a "Pen Pick Set "


Skeleton Key Set

Referred to as Houdini “Unique” Skeleton Key Set, these would open up to 300 types of padlock, and were made from hardened tempered steel. They consisted of 6 keys on a card shrink wrapped, along with a “History Sheet” about Houdini. When first out these sold for £13 / $26 Pic Courtesy of


Thumb Strap

Made of real leather, a spectator throws wooden hoops toward the performer’s secured thumbs and it magically passes right through on to their arms. Even after inspection the thumbs are still secured! Countless other ways to use this Thumb Tie. No fumbling and made to last a life time.


Wrist Strap

A simple but well made strap with brass buckle and fittings, it can be examined close up then placed around the spectators wrist. Making it impossible to escape from. BUT then you can instantly escape in seconds! An Excellent escape for any show or act. Simple to master. This initially sold for £11.50 / $23


Master Handcuffs

Hiatt “Darby” pattern 104. Fully examinable plate finished. Superb quality and workmanship produces these spectacular cuffs. An absolute must for any escape performer. Original Professional Police Equipment not a cheap imitation or copy. (David used these along with his 75 foot rope challenge.)

Initially Sold for £55 / $110in 1993

David also sold these Master Leg Irons.


Houdini handcuffs

Hiatt “Darby” pattern 104. Fully examinable plate finished. Superb quality and workmanship produces these spectacular cuffs. An absolute must for any escape performer.


Pullman escape Handcuffs

Hiatt “Darby” pattern 115 Adjustable. Fully examinable plate finished. Superb quality and workmanship produces these spectacular cuffs. An absolute must for any escape performer. Sounds secure when going on the wrists as well as 5 loud clicks on each cuff when being secured leaving no doubt that these are secure. Fully adjustable to for all wrist sizes.


Greased Lightning handcuffs

Double locking ratchet cuffs, fully examinable, again plate finish on these and another superb set of cuffs for any escape performer.

Berliner Cuff Restraint

Arm & Body restraint. Two leather straps attached to chrome Handcuffs. fastened at the back in the style of a straight jacket. No room for any movement.


Wrist Stocks

These are again a rare item, the way these are made is second to none you will not see the likes again in my opinion. High degree of marksmanship and quality of the stocks is just amazing, as featured in his VHS Video there are the real deal.

The stocks resemble an old fashioned pair of wooden stocks, your wrists are secured in the stocks and the catch placed over. The two normal padlocks are placed through the holes to secure them. You can use borrowed padlocks. A large cloth is then thrown over the wrists covering everything. Spectators hold a rope in each hand to ensure you are not up to anything. Lift up the cloth to show that you are free and yet the stocks are still secured with the padlocks! This sold when first out for £42 / $156


Strait Jacket Sensation

A Sensational crown-pulling effect which can be carried in a brief case! Made in tough, heavy duty canvas and real leather straps to last a lifetime. Ideal for upside-down Escapes, Galas and Stage use. The Strait Jacket Escape has been the feature of many famous Escapologist -Houdini *Murray *Alan *Shahid Malik *Howard Peters *David De-val and many others. Full easy to follow instructions by David himself - so you can work it right away. Also seen and described on David De-val's Video. Originally Made by Jeani Magic Productions to David’s specifications. (1996/7)


Siberian Chain Release

A single length of extra strong steel chain is bound around your wrists and fastened with a secure padlock by a volunteer from the audience; in spite of this secure restraint you are able to perform your fastest ever escape. You only turn your back for a couple of seconds and you are free instantly then you can stand back and enjoy the amazement on the faces of not just your volunteer by your entire audience! The chain is handed back with a padlock still securely in place in fact you never even have to remove it to accomplish your release.

Incredibly fast!


Strait Jacket - Cast Iron

In 1957 David made a model of metal strait jacket for an escape artist who then toured the theatres of Great Britain presenting this escape as a major part of his act. He made these plans available for others to use in the Magigram special on him in March 1992. The jacket was plate made and was vey impressive, having separate additions to house handcuffs on it to restrain the wrists an arms.


Gimmick – x

Sorry unable to disclose any further information about this


Secret Device

Sorry unable to disclose any further information about this


Barrel Escape

David made this custom escape drum for Billy Tempest.

It was known as the “Death Tank”

Large enough to fit in can be used filled with water or empty. Billy Tempest used this in his act in the Circus and other related show events. David featured this in his first escape book.


Other related De-Val items (Non Escapology)

Knife through finger

Strictly not an escapology item but your finger escapes the knife as its thrusts through the box The effect, displaying a small attractive looking cabinet with a hinged door at one side, the performer inserts his finger through the holes on the side of the box (with the side door open to prove this). A sharp knife (the wider the better) is then pushed into the slot at the top of the box and passes through the slot at the bottom of the box, thus penetrating the enclosed finger! Immediately examinable, this was also made in wood prior to the plastic version.


Euston Ted

The performer brings out Euston Ted, his magical teddy bear. Even though he is just a puppet, he wows over the audience and can perform tricks!

He demonstrates a few and ends with the vanishing hanky trick. (He really does it). The method he uses to vanish the silk is so clever and hilarious that you might be tempted to expose the secret.

Things then start to go haywire when his LEG FALLS OFF! It is replaced but falls off again. After several attempts the leg is discarded but only to magically appear back on Euston's body for good.

This hilarious and entertaining routine has been audience tested for years. Packs small and plays big!


George Puppet


Chase the Ace

This is the finest version of this stunning effect ever produced. With first class EASY to follow instruction by David De-Val. Effect. No matter how hard they try spectators never find the ace of spades. Jumbo -size cards Easy, wipe-clean surface Sturdy white plastic to give years of use Super professional outfit Two-colour indices


Comedy Leaping Lighter

Strong visual gag taking the magic world by storm effect. The magician takes out a packet of cigarettes placing one between his lips, searching through his pockets it is clear that he can not find his cigarette lighter, suddenly a lighter leaps high into the air from inside the cigarette packet. With an astonished look on his face the performer catches the lighter and lights his cigarette. This great visual comedy interlude has been manufactured by David De-Val and is mechanically perfect. It can be worked under any conditions without fuss or bother. We supply a special gimmick which fits inside a normal cigarette packet which does all the work whilst you get the laughter. Gimmick, lighter with easy to follow instructions. Use your own cigarette packet.


Overwhelming Wands


Kitty Kat Kapers

Kitty the cat is very sad because she has lost her beautiful coloured ribbon, could that naughty little mouse have anything to do with it? The mouse suggests that he has an idea. Why not get all the children to magically help put things to rights. 5 different coloured pretty ribbons are shown on an attractive display board, each with it's own price tag attached. The ribbons are placed one at a time into a smart little bag, the children calling out the colours as this takes place. A child selects one of the ribbons, calling out it's colour, then replacing it in the bag with the other ribbons. Kitty is returned to her house and can be seen through the cat flap and window. She even goes in upside down to talk to the mouse face to face. He asks the magician to wave his wand over the bag then to turn the bag inside out.


Houdini Postcards

Complete set of Houdini postcards produced by David in 1991.5 postcards in the pack.

On the rear of the postcards was he following information:

Postcard 1-Houdini giveaway photograph with space at the bottom for signing. His expression says 

“Especially for you”

Postcard 2-This Houdini image was used to make translucent window signs for advertising purpo

Postcard 3- Houdini was performing cell escapes as early as the year 1900

Postcard 4- Houdini first performed his milk can escape in 1904

Postcard 5- Houdini the Handcuff King


Flash Harry

* A David De-Val exclusive release*

David De-Val's pocket trick with Houdini cards and a padlock

It’s a close up effect where the performer displays three cards about the size of normal playing cards. Two depict a very solid looked jail cell, the other a full colour photograph of Houdini himself, stripped, shackled and chained ready to perform one of his world famous jail cell escapes before your very eyes.

Each card has a punched hole at the bottom where a padlock is inserted to secure the three cards. Then suddenly the Houdini card mysteriously escapes the padlock but how!!!

A remarkable item! The cell pictures were illustrated by Mavis Newby and the colour picture

Card was from De-val. You can see the same picture in his Houdini postcards.

Sold for £8-50 in 1998


Multiplying Soap Bubbles


Bare hand Silk Vanish

Before your very eyes the silk hankie will vanish. Direct close up at its best, simply an amazing disappearing trick that leaves the spectator asking how is it possible. A truly spectacular trick.


UFO Unseen Flying Object

A magician pulls his sleeves well back requesting that a coin be marked by a spectator. The coin is placed onto the palm of the performer’s hand. The magician covers the coin with his hand. Lifting the hand the COIN HAS VANISHED!. CLEARLY SHOWING BOTH HANDS EMPTY, the magician reaches into his trouser pocket and removes a small ball of wool this is placed into a drinking glass. The spectator is asked to take hold of the end of the yarn then slowly unwind the ball. There right in the centre is the VERY SAME PREVIOUSLY MARKED COIN. Riley did the sleeves & advertising for this item


Swami Gimmick (Tom Thumb)

The mysterious message is found written in BALL POINT PEN. The performer's hands are seen to BE EMPTY. Riley did the sleeves & advertising for this item


David De-Val's Hologram Blindfold Bag

If you are looking for some good publicity or something a little different for these years outside summer event, our new, unique hooded blindfold will satisfy your needs

We all know the effect where the blindfolded magician is able to DRIVE A CAR OR BOAT AT HIGH SPEEDS and perform seemingly supernatural feats. The performer has examined a strip of black OPAQUE material, this is placed over his eyes, it can be sealed all around its edges with SURGICAL TAPE which prevents any sight in any direction. A committee is invited to examine an opaque hood, this in turn is placed over the magicians head. The hood is secured about the neck by tapes attached to the bag. It seems impossible for vision of any kind. He then proceeds to drive a car at speed, steer a boat through obstacles.


David De-Val's Phoenix Dove from Scarf


David De-Val's Thumb Writer Plus


Dream Wallet

The wallet begins where the Himber wallet finishes!

Alan Jones wrote the routines for David De-Val (who manufactured the wallet).

Crafted in black leather - a natural HIP POCKET size for the close-up worker




Coin Squeeze

A special bit of Davids coin skill.

Chink A Chink

Four bolts that stand apart unite by simply being covered

Five Pence Inside Lighter

A borrowed 5p is able to penetrate inside a normal lighter. The coin is rolled around inside the lighter and with a little shake it falls free into a spectators waiting hand. Both coin and lighter can be examined - and both maybe borrowed.

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News and Magazine articles about Rippon & York cell escapes

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