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Houdini Milk Can

Like Houdini, David performed the milk can escape many times. Photos of his milk can escapes are featured here on the site where he had the can filled with Beer at the West Wood gala in Leeds. The photos of him doing this escape shows David in one of the actual milk cans that he used to sell.

David’s “Houdini Milk Can Escape” as he called it was made in England and constructed from galvanised iron and very large. They were also designed to be water tight and could also be used with out water inside when performing. It had four cross design locking hasp ends on top which were each secured with four padlocks. You could also add additional chains when locking. It had an approx 50 Gallon capacity, and at each side it had two permanent handles for moving and transporting. The milk cans were each made to a special order and took around two and a half month from order to obtain.

The cost of the Milk Can escape in the late 80s, early 90s was $1,850 and if you wanted it send over seas it was advertised at another $350 to do so. The cost of sending this to the USA was actually cheaper by sending by air. David stated around £100 cheaper from his enclosed sale notes than sending it by sea. By air it took a few days to send by sea it would have taken many weeks.

David also produced a recording tape all about the milk can escape, where he explained his hints and tips to use when performing, this sold for £12 post free. He also could manufacture replacement lids should this be required costing £85 Inc postage

Special thanks to Mike Andreshak for the letter quotes, photos, Information & document scans used in this article.

Also thanks to Joe & Pam Tanner for use of their advert article, And Steve Knight for ad Scan.

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