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The Key To Lock Picking

Key To Lock picking

Name: Key To Lock Picking

Author: David De-val

Publication Summary:, 64 Pgs.

Format: Paperback Coil Bounded- Double Security Sealed (Red Circular Sticker) & bagged. Strict selling instructions placed on this item when first advertised.

Media Type: Book

Date 1981

Description: Full of so much information this book is hard to find and harder to put down, covers so much inc Key making, Handcuffs, Tools etc. A must for the escapologist. In 1981 this was printed Inc David’s 25 years worth of research on the subject. Has a special feature on his Dupe Lock, and was exclusively only for magicians. 60 Complex Illustrations and over 30 clear photographs

Originally sold for £11.50 / $ 25 Last update was sold for £70 in 2011 (online)

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Dai Vernon

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