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Key To Escape

Key To Escapes

Name: Key to Escapes

Author: David De-val

Publication Summary:, 17 pgs. 13 Illustrations Also sold by Supreme Magic with alternative blue cover.

Format: Paperback

Media Type: Book

Date 1978 Description: David’s first book for Supreme Magic.

Sensational Escapes revealed for the first time!


02 Contents (w/o page numbers)

02 Foreword by Edwin (Hooper)

03 Off the Cuff

05 De-Val's Ten Pound Challenge

06 The Perfect Combination

08 De-Val's Strait Jacket

11 Challenge

12 Padlock Faking

15 The Challenge Handcuff

16 De-Val's Death Tank aka Barrel / Oil drum escape.

Key To Escapes

For those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who do not, none will suffice


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