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Oldham Escape

Oldham Escape

27th August 1984

Another big public challenge was put to David this time by the Chairman of the Oldham R.S.P.C.A

Mrs H Bennett, The challenge to “The Jail Breaker” (David) was the following:

To be secured in steel barred dog kennel which was to be triple locked. A police officer would handcuff and lock him in the kennel, and to be examined by a local vet to ensure nothing on his person to assist in his escape. This was to publicly occur prior to the dog show at the venue.

David accepted the challenge and on Saturday 27th August at the R.S.P.C.A Animal Shelter on Coronation Street, in Oldham at 1pm. He undertook the challenge and escaped after twenty minutes.

David presented the prizes and rosettes to the winners of the dog show after his amazing escape.

Conjuring is the only absolutely honest profession: A conjuror promises to deceive and does

Karl Germain

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