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David De-Val's "Deluxe Knife Thru Finger".
    For over twenty years, the deluxe version of David De-Val’s “Knife Thru Finger” has been long unavailable.
    We have added several improvements, making this one of the best, close-up mini-illusions available.
    Effect: The cabinet is handed out for examination. Once the cabinet has been returned, the performer inserts his finger into one side of the cabinet and out the other. The audience can see that the performer’s finger is actually inside the cabinet. The door is closed, and a solid, un-gimmicked knife is inserted into the top of the cabinet and out the bottom, apparently penetrating the finger inside the box. The knife is removed, and the finger withdrawn to show that no harm has been done to the finger.
    You would receive a handcrafted wooden cabinet that is made from hard maple wood, brass & steel. The finish is industrial enamel for a long lasting, professional appearance.
    Comes complete with easy to read & understand instructions. The knife in the photo is not supplied. Use your own favorite knife.
    Video /posts/1489204588143912/?d=n

David De-Val`s Deluxe Knife Thru Finger

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