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Live and Locked? As seen on a recent Live TV show!3 Padlocks with 6 keys ( 3 sets of 2)A must have for all escapologists, We wanted a failsafe lock that could be handed out to the public so that it could be fully examined, once it’s locked it’s locked. As with previous padlocks there are no push buttons, gimmicks and neither do they rely on any gravity type of mechanism. This ensures that a spectator will not open it with their hands.Each padlock can be fully examined. If you purchase more than 1 then each padlock has a different key and this can be confirmed by swapping the keys and they will not open the lock. Any of the padlocks can be selected and used for your escape yet you are able to pick it open within seconds. These do not rely on any gravity type mechanism so it does not matter how they are put on. Alternatively a single padlock can be used with two keys that open it. Again the lock can be examined but opened in seconds. No lock picking skills are necessary!"

Live & Locked Padlock set of 3

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