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Book Reviews

“Hi all,I obtained my copy today of the above book (David De-Vals Cell Escape – The Real Secret) First accounts are the weight of the book as I unwrapped it, Its not a flimsy book but a high quality one and you can tell from the feel of the paper used and its well made. On the front is a photo of the late David De-Val in his youth and the black background is a much needed improvement. The book is also like the previous one in size, this is a strong point as it allows the photos to be seen so much better. Talking of photos this book has many fantastic pictures and articles in print and this time they are all very clear to see and are indeed better quality and considerably adds to to readers enjoyment and gives a much better insight in to the articles and events they each relate to.

Content wise it remains as previous to have all the information and facts relating to part of the late David De-Vals Prison escape history, and there is added information and photos that now brings it right up to date in my view. The book remains to reflect on the hard work and experiences from all who contributed to it in the past and it respectfully in my view has done very well in this new edition leading where David & Riley left of so to speak.

I myself admire the late David De-Val like many, This book has captured the past and brought it into the future for another generation to explore the art.

Andy Robertson.”

“I also received my copy on the 1st, but due to work have only just got to have a proper look at it. When I say a proper look, I mean I couldn’t put it down till I had read it from start to finish. I have David’s original book, but this has updated & improved it. Allan & Rebecca have sourced new information & produced a very professional looking book. There is more information than the original & it contains clear colour photos, which are a great help for anyone interested in doing a cell escape. I have used Houdini’s method, that David discovered many times & I can testify it works. I’m sure David hit the nail on the head. This book is a must for any EA that wants to know how to do a cell escape, more so, if they want to add one to the repertoire."

Weasel Dandaw

“Just got my copy in the mail. WOW! Everything everybody else said goes double for me. What a brilliant piece of work this is. Allan, you have outdone yourself!

Makes me want to rush out and try it….

No, not really. Truthfully rather out of my league I fear.

Allan, please tell Rebecca she was blessed to have a father such as David.


Cliff Gerstman“

“I’ve just finished reading ‘Cell Escape The Real Secret’ by the late David De-Val and I can tell you it is amazing! I have many books on Houdini’s methods but none of them go into his greatest of all escapes “Prison Breaks!”. In this book De-Val takes you through his journey start to finish and explains how he himself discovered Houdini’s secret and put it to the test in many of the same Prison and Jail Cells that Houdini escaped in England.

It is obvious that Houdini was quite brilliant and bold based on what it would take to pull off a Cell Escape. The preparation before the escape, the risks he was taking, and his ability to continually escape without fail is quite daunting when you think about it. David highlights the risks to an Escape Artists career in the book. One slip up would have ruined his career!

This is a must for the Escape Artist that wants to attempt a Cell Escape or for the Houdini Historian that must finally know the secret. David De-Val was a master escape artist. It is truly remarkable how he discovered Houdini’s Cell Escape methods and proved that they work!”

Harvey Hanford

“My copy arrived today. As the designer and illustrator of the original I am delighted with this new, updated version. David De-Val was disappointed with the reproduction of the black and white photographs in the original edition (they were far too dark)’ especially as many of them were high quality press photos. Sadly, David hadn’t signed off a proof copy, so nothing could be done. This new edition has the original photos the way they were meant to be, and some new colour photos, too. Although we can’t be 100% certain that Houdini used this method exactly, we know it works under the same test conditions. Allan Taylor has also included Weasel Dandaw’s escape from York, and my own escape from Ripon last year…the end result is a beautiful book that will be sought after by everyone with a genuine interest in the art of the Escape Artist. Well done Allan and Rebecca”


“So Well Done!”

David Copperfield

Wild About Houdini

Matt Johnson

Cell Escape by David De-Val is a treasure trove of knowledge from a true master!

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