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Rochdale Escape

Rochdale Escape

23 June 1983

Manchester Evening News

Bernard Spilsbury

Edited Extract from the story.

For the attempt Mr De-val was handcuffed by Chief Supt Douglas Richardson who used his own “Cuffs” before securely locking the steel cell door and then chaining and padlocking the bars of an outer exit to the cell.

As a final problem for Mr De-val- who has only been in the escaping business for nine months- the lights were switched off. Chief supt Richardson said “There are no windows it is pitch black in there. But just 21 minutes later Mr De-val emerged and a mystified police chief found the chains and locks still intact.

The secret of his escape will remain so Said Mr De-val. “I have studied for eight years to find out how Houdini did his escapes. Now the secret is lodged with the magic circle I’m telling nobody. “The only thing I’m worried about is that I might get a flood of offers from criminals” He Said.

The average man is not hard to mystify.

Howard Thurston

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