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Thank You To The Following People

I would like to thank & list those who helped me with the permissions & use of photos, videos, articles & Items, as well as guidance about the site and the support for it to be made.

And to those who took the time to let me know who to contact to aid me with research in to the escapes & obtaining original escape equipment and related items.

I would welcome others own related career pictures & video clips of David to add to the site.

Please email me with anything you can help contribute.

The site is non profit and will remain to be a tribute site.


Rebecca & Allan Special Thanks for everything

Riley (R Johnston) Special Thanks for everything.

Andrew Marsh - (Photos)

Black Cat Magic- (Books)

Chris North (Items)

Dan Robinson (Photo)

David Strait Jacket (

Hall’s Magical Emporium for De-val (Items) (

Harvey Howes. ( Photos )

Hilary McGowan (

J Chippendale (Yorkshire Post & Research)

Jacky (

James Anthony ( (Items) (Books & Support)

James Auclair Team PBS (USA Support)

Joe & Pam Tanner (Escapism)

Johan Ahlberg (Photo & Site Support Contacts)

Joe Fox (

John Cox (

John Hinchliffe (

Katherine Waite (BBC)

Ken (Kondini) (

Kevin Connolly (">

Martyn Carroll (Photos & Articles)

Michael Griffin (

Michael Shepherd (

Mick Hanzlik (

Mike Andreshak ( Photos, Scans, Support)

Paul Anthony (

Paul Daniels (

Roslyn Walker (

Roxana Kashani (Bloomsbury Auctions)

Sandra Carter (Channel 4)

Sean Hammond (Items)

Shawn Ness (Photo)

Simon Pattison (Items)

Stuart Burrell (Photos & Tribute article)

Suzanne Gibson – Digital Scanning Support

Terry Hughes (BBC)

Trevor Amey (Book)

Tony (Hawthorn Books)

Reference used / credited

3rd Alternative Book of Records


Cell Escape Archive site

Escapology Secrets

Jeani Magic

Key to Escapes

Magic Supreme


Oldham Advertiser


Yorkshire Post

Members Area

-------- UPDATES --------

15th November 2016

Website will be up and down over the next few days due to maintainance

27th September 2015

New photo of Euston Ted bear.

added to Career Items,

Also new Item added magic Table Cloth

Click here

6th June 2015


UPDATE: Rare vault escape and full Collecting Now TV show appearance added

UPDATE: another just added the rare Rochdale prison escape attempt.

New updated video clip of the great Revolution roller coaster escape!

AND Hotline tv show with David showing restraints and some magic.

See videos section.

1st June 2015

FULL TV clip of David Roller Coster escape comming this weekend.

inc the actual live challange to do it on TV from the BBC Show,

30th March 2015

News and Magazine articles about Rippon & York cell escapes

click here

14th March 2015

Update to Davids book about the Charles Smith Lock.

click here

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