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Ken Dean and the Littler Papers

Ken Dean A.K.A Kondini The man who criticises people for using Houdinis name, so tell me Ken what inspired you to choose Kondini as a name? lol

Ok Lets start by putting on record that the Littler Files do not exist! Only one person has mentioned them and that is Ken Dean. I have spoken to everyone on Kens list of owners who have all confirmed they do not know of this documents! I have spoken to David's family and friends and again they do not know anything about it!

So today Ken has declared that he is burning all copies, after years of saying how much they are worth, sadly in Kens mind this is this only way he can end his lies. He has been called out and rather than prove their exisitance he has decided to burn them. What Ken has realised is that everyone knows the truth and he has now become a laughing stick! There is no logical reason why he would burn them.

Kens lies, he lies about the shows he performs, most do not exist! He lies about his American lecture tours! I know several people that he has sold goods to for an inflated rate because he claims they belonged to famous magicians, sadly he has used recent deaths to generate money! But don't worry Ken - I have ample evidence stacking up and will expose you!

Oh his claim about the Fenton lock too! Lets just say he didn't actually pick it!!!! Ask him how he did it...

Sadly he is a bully too - we had issues where he was bullying a friend and we have the vile text messages to prove it!

So Below is a post I listed which gave Ken every chance to back up his claims

PS To make it clear I have told Ken I am happy to go legal. I am awaiting his response! He has ignored phone calls and emails - a typical bully who is not man enough to face up to his lies

The Failed Challenge for proof!

Ken Dean seems to be on a mission to push out the so called littler files. Now let me state on record that we (De-Val Magic Limited owned by David’s Daughter and myself) are constantly looking for new documentation so if they do exist then we would be excited about this finding!

A quick search on the magic Café will show you that Ken is the only person to have ever mentioned them, ever. We have asked on many occasions for him to validate his claims but as yet he has been unable to provide any evidence, although he still wants me to add them to the De-Val website. I have a duty of care to make sure anything I put on the website is genuine and not misleading in any way.

Ken states that each paper comes numbered and signed by David and Will Ayling in 1991, so I would welcome seeing this and once validated I will get it added to the website as an official document.

So when I asked ken to assist us and show us proof that the papers exist he has been unhelpful and has chosen to publically spoken about 2 UKEA members on Facebook who have disrespected him and David De-Val. Now let’s make this clear the only person who has disrespected David is Ken. Asking for proof of a document is not disrespectful, I will not add anything to our website without seeing proof that it exists, especially when Ken has been talking about figures of £3000.

He is constantly talking about the organisation called Chains who are allegedly upset about me challenging the validity of the papers – the organisation have also made claims they are upset with me in general because a few people made a joke of me handing them out free, partially because they were fed up of hearing Ken talk about them. Let me make this clear, Chains are not a recognised UK company or organisation– no one knows who they are so if they have a voice then they need to come direct to me. I publically responded to ken to ask for the address of the organisation as I will go legal.. Surprise Surprise I’ve had nothing back!

My wife and I own all trademarks and copyright in connection with De-Val so we are quite rightly upset about such remarks. My wifes mothers knows nothing about the Littler files and was married to him at the time he allegedly sold them to Ken.

The little papers have changed over the years – Ken keeps forgetting what lies he has told people – It started as a 1 page document, it went through various other forms and then suddenly it was 7 pages with no diagrams. Ken mentions in some of his Magic Café statements that it includes challenge escapes, full routines and methods to gimmick padlocks. However his latest description in 2016 states that the papers only covered 1 escape, oh and its jumped up to 15 pages. This is where Ken is getting confused over his other made up paper called the monarch files. This was the time he was trying to sell it on behalf of Garry Daniels. He also states that he was donated a copy as he was a MIMC member.

Some of the people that Ken mentions owns a copy includes Alan Alan, Yul Bryner, Daniels, Moretti, Beadle, Eagle, Ayling, Paul Stone, Frank Farrow, Howard Peters,Dave Dante,Paddy Lock and Vinny Johns. Some are sadly no longer with us but I did have a chat with Paul Daniels prior to his death who knew nothing about them, even though ken tried to sell them to us 2 days after Pauls Death!

So let’s make this clear – we want the truth – lets see a copy and hear from other people, if the document is genuine then we will add it to the website.

As for the derogatory remarks about myself then Chains can publically respond to me and let me know their registered address so that I can instruct my solicitor to 

write to them.

If anyone has any comments then please email me direct at

2 versions of where Ken explains what the littler files are!

Physical form of seven pages only. No pics or line drawings. Printed info only.

Very limited numbers sold, due to the huge price asked at that time. To pay £2000 when the average wage was only £100 a week limited its sales.

Manuscripts were promoted on a one to one basis. Never saw an advert for them in print. David could sell snow to eskimos. He could talk the talk and was very convincing. So it wasn’t long before all 25 were sold.

Looking back we all took a chance. But I do know of three others beside myself who made most of their money as pros in entertainment from this knowledge. We have all been repaid a thousand fold for our outlay.

All had to sign a confidentiality contract which was very detailed. I believe all kept to this contract and so far nothing has been leaked.

Will Ayling tried to get David to supply a copy for the circle library but he refused and they still have nothing listed.

Basic contents without giving too much away were the complete details required to go out and make a huge living from a single type of escape. From its promotion to its guaranteed booking to its guaranteed top fee. Right down to press coverage and guaranteed repeat bookings from it. Everything was laid out in its order of execution so it works every time anywhere in the world, even if you can’t speak the language of the country you are working in. It will always work and pay top dollar.

Even samples of press reports are supplied. Nothing or no mention of Houdini was used at all. As David put it nothing on Harrys shoulders.

We all believe David kept his word and no extra copies were sold. For as soon as a copy comes on the market it is snapped up at any price. Each copy was numbered but no phone number or even David’s address was printed on the document so to an outsider not in the know it would have been an enigma.

Traced a few copies by talking with others unknown to me at the time whom had also purchased. Alan-alan, yul brynner, Daniels, moretti. Beadle, eagle, ayllng, Paul stone, frank farrow, paddy lock. Vinny Johns to name but a few.

So if it comes your way get it at any price. All the info is usable today nothing has become dated.

I’m not sure but Harley Newman in the USA used a similar method. Wether he got David’s papers or not we don’t know.

Somewhere. There must be a list of all buyers which would read like a who’s who in the world of entertainment. When working with Hans after he had performed at Blackpool convention we spent many hours talking in depth about the manuscript and its value. He held it as the greatest secret in escape presentation and put his run with Fisher and the Daniels show down to the use of these papers. So look how much money that alone earned for him.

Highest praise possible from in my opinion the greatest spec act in the world.

They say with knowledge you get power theses papers will give you that power.

Version 2

My copy was donated as a MIMC member and caused havoc with other people who had purchased copies. So I had to withdraw it. We all paid a considerable amount and the amounts paid plus the disclaimer we all had to sign before purchase gave all purchasers protection from infiltrators ripping us all off. I know Paul had a set so these will soon be up for grabs, this will give the rights of purchase and stay within David’s original request. As you know, the papers were only about a single escape and the promotion of this escape.

Only of real value to a worker who could get a really good return from this investment. I'm amazed that no master copy seems to exist but David was a man of his word and must have destroyed it as promised. This has made the papers what they are and protected all who had invested in them.

It would be wrong of me to go against David’s wishes in this, but if you really want a copy I could ask Gary or Barry to give me first refusal on Paul's.

I hope you realise you are only getting 15 pages of info, no pics, no photos or line drawings and the price is very high.

Let me know if you want me to enquire as I will be at Wargrave next week.


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