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The Escapology Secret of David De-Val

Escapology Secrets of David De-Val

Author: David De-Val

Publisher: David De-Val Magic Co.

Publication Summary: 61 Pgs.

Media Type: Book

Date 2003

Description: The Book All Escapologists Have Been Waiting For.

The Secrets of Escapology Contains: Whipping Post Escape, Ties and Binds, Escaping from Handcuffs, Master Handcuff Keys, Making Your Own Set, Escaping From Double, Locking cuffs, Shimming Open Handcuffs, Cage Box Escape, The Large Padlock, Thumb cuffs, Off the Cuff, Lightning Padlocked Chain, Release Plus, Wrist-Rope Tie, De-Val’s Strait Jacket, De-Val Gantry, Concealment, De-Val's Dangerous Box Escape, Lock Picking, Publicity - Getting the Most Out of It, Novel Elevator Escape, Neck Chain Challenge and more. With 80 Illustrations and Photographs. Illustrated, designed & Edited by his close friend at the time “Riley”

I never wanted to be a magician. I never wanted to be a comedian. I never wanted to be onstage.

Penn Jillette

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